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Picasso Tower is a modern and stylish apartment complex being built in Kyiv. The building is the epitome of innovation and minimalism. The contemporary architectural design and original solutions merged into the work of art.

luxury apartments STARTING
by full price 60,000$ only
By Installments Plan 6,000$ only


Why should I invest in Ukraine?

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Picasso is the best because

our projects

  • Podil

    Podil Elite is the residential project of a premium class in Kyiv. The apartment building is located in the heart of Podil. The well-built condominium consists of 43 units. There is a fitness center, a beautiful terrace, garden, and the roof deck terrace in the building.

    • Metro
      Kontraktova Ploshcha
    • Sport
      Sport Life
    • Education
      Gymnasium №107 Vvedenska"
    • Store
  • 50 avenue

    The multifunctional complex is located near the Shuliavska metro station. The building combines residential and non-residential premises. There are luxury apartments, shopping centers and offices. Also, 50 Avenue has a rooftop swimming pool, SPA & sports zone and two helicopter platforms.

    • Metro
    • Sport
      Sport Life
    • Education
      Lyceum Ntuu
    • Store

The luxury apartment complex is located close to the three metro stations: Osokorki, Pozniaki and Slavutich. Perfect infrastructure with schools, supermarkets and sports clubs is one more huge advantage for the future tenants and renters.

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Picasso Tower offers different layouts for the apartments for any taste: loft, luxury and modern designs.

Explore all the benefits of real estate investing such as steady rental income over $1000 monthly, financial security, real estate appreciation and many others.


  1. Who we are?

    Exon Premier, an international company specialized in real estate financing and asset management. We offer our clients constant support at every stage of investing. Our core values are honesty, clear communication and high-quality service.

  2. What are we doing?

    We offer the investors favorable conditions for receiving passive income and developing financial stability. The main focus of our company is the evolving markets with high growth potential.

  3. Why you should choose us?

    We provide our customers with guarantees, 24/7 support, and 100% security. Our projects are built with the use of modern materials of high quality. The company offers stylish and furnished luxury apartments that are perfect both for living and as a good investment asset.

  4. Why should I invest in Ukraine?

    Investing in Ukraine is quite promising. The country is located in the middle of Europe, it has a market economy and access to vast European markets.

    Due to the association agreement with The European Union, Ukraine will implement the laws for establishing a good business environment.

    Also, there are a lot of qualified workers in Ukraine along with low wages. The wages in Ukraine are about 8 times lower than the Polish wages. However, these statistics can be distorted, because the wages in Ukraine are often paid unofficially.

  5. Do I have to visit Ukraine to purchase a property?

    No, you don’t have to. You can perform all the necessary operations through the site. If you have any questions you can contact our customer service department. Our team will provide you with all the information and answer the questions 24/7.

  6. Which documents do I need to buy a property?

    If you are a foreign individual, you need:

    • a copy of your foreign passport;
    • Ukrainian tax number;
    • notarially certified Power of Attorney for the deal if the agreement will be signed by your representative;
    • wife's consent in notarial form if you are married.

    These documents are required if you are a buyer of real estate in Ukraine and you want to complete the transaction.


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